A Book Featuring the Legal Profession

“This is one of the most powerful books I`ve read and shows how the balance of justice is tilting against the accused, especially against certain layers of society. I would recommend it to any lawyer, not just defense lawyers. Ericka McFee, Lawyer, McFee Law Offices PC “Excellent book that everyone in a service industry should read to remember how to treat people, give back and succeed without being ugly. Elizabeth T. “A very simple but wise little book literally changed the way I looked at my career and my life. I know my eyes are probably rolling, but when I left my large law firm after 16 years and in my 40s to create a new law firm with a group of lawyers and staff, this book confirmed that I was making the right decision. Two points in particular: “What would you do if you weren`t afraid?” and “If you don`t change, you can die.” – Rhonda O. This book focuses on a fundamental question: why are some people and organizations more innovative, influential, and profitable than others? Sinek delves deeper into the question of why companies are able to generate greater customer and employee retention than others. Do you want to succeed in an ever-changing legal market? Start by reading this book. Inspired by the lessons learned from lean manufacturing, the author focuses on rapid scientific experiments and other counterintuitive practices to shorten product development cycles, measure progress without being distracted by vanity measurements, and meet customer demands. Written specifically for busy lawyers, this time management book for law firms will help you focus on the most important activities to be more productive. “A book on how to be more successful by getting rid of everything rotten in your life. Very short, easy to read and I think it`s a good check-up book to read from time to time. Heather M. The heart wants what the heart wants. If you`re thinking of going it alone but are reluctant to take the plunge, read this book to gather your courage and get it right.

Garner clearly explains the full range of what legal writers need to know: mechanics, wording, structure, and rhetoric. It also highlights special conventions specific to legal drafters, including the use of titles, defined terms, quotations and many other devices. Just Mercy is a #1 New York Times bestseller and was named one of the most influential books of the decade by CNN. It is an unforgettable account of the coming of age of an idealistic and gifted young lawyer. A list of the best books for lawyers would not be complete without this classic work of American literature. The book`s main character, Atticus Finch, has become a role model for many lawyers — there`s even a memorial to him in a courthouse in Monroeville, Alabama. “[Read this book] to understand how to prioritize things correctly and to remind yourself that [your] customer`s urgency may not really be an emergency.” – Todd V. The conflict between Henry VIII and the Catholic Church over divorce is legendary, and Thomas Cromwell, the king`s lawyer, was at the center of all politics.

This book is the first in Mantel`s trilogy of masterpieces, the finale of which, The Mirror and the Light, was published earlier this year. Depending on your field of business, you`re likely to help your customers through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Positive thinking can make a big difference. Read in this book how it can help. For lawyers who simply want to be the best, this book promises to “help readers stand out from the competition in any company in any field.” “I read this when I was a traveling software implementation consultant, but this book can (and maybe should) be read by anyone in a business role to learn how to better serve their customer/constituency/team. Because you are the business owner or a secretary, each person has a clientele that they respond to or try to help. “Margaret Cullen, Accounting Manager at Wood IP LLC In the legal profession, you often risk taking too much. This book will remind you that sometimes less is more. This book is not about how to make a winning argument, provide the best evidence or the best case. It`s about getting what you want by communicating effectively with others. Well, Lincoln was a lawyer.

And in this historical-revisionist horror book, he also cuts out the undead as if they were breaking rails. This is one of those books that ended up being much better than what I thought it would be based on the virtue of writing and author research, so don`t speak for yourself if it`s based on the completely crazy premise. Learn to start early and stay disciplined when it comes to preparing for study.