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We will do everything in our power to protect your money, but it is very important that you remain vigilant to avoid retirement and investment fraud. Log in or register to check the value of your pension fund and view your investment opportunities. Personal data collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention agencies in order to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you may be denied certain services, finances or employment. You can find more details about how your data is used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, as well as your data protection rights, on You can participate or the entire pot in the form of a lump sum in cash, of which usually 25% is exempt from tax and the remaining 75% is taxable as income. If you don`t take all your pot, everything left will remain invested until you`re ready to access your pot again. With a £10,000 pot, for example, you can take: log into My Account to check your pension, see how much you might have when you retire and find out how the wage sacrifice can increase your savings. Corporate Pension Plan0345 070 8686Tuesday on Friday8:30 am to 7 pmPersonal provision0345 678 0020Monday to Friday9am to 5pm You can also download our guide to withdrawing money from your pensionPDF file: Withdraw money from my pension PDF size: 339KB. If you have a company pension plan, please email If you would like more information about Pension Risk Transfer`s privacy policy, you can find this privacy policy on this page. A pension risk transfer is an old pension plan to which you were previously affiliated due to a historical occupation.

Millions of workers in the UK have been automatically included in a company pension scheme. We can help you if you have an individual or corporate pension plan with us. Check how much is in your pension fund. Contact your provider for an up-to-date review. If you`re a legal and general client, sign up or sign up for Manage Your Account to see how your retirement is performing. If you have been automatically signed up, you can unsubscribe within a month and you will receive your money and be treated as if you had never adhered to the plan. Your registration notice explains how you can do this. If you do not unsubscribe within one month of automatic registration, you can post at any time. If you do, your contributions and the contributions made by your employer until then will remain invested in your pension fund until you apply for your benefits or can transfer them to another pension plan. Use our document library to find the information you need for your pensions, savings or investments. You now have even more options when it comes to accessing your pension fund. Learn more about the benefits of your pension, see how you can transfer other pensions to it, and find out what happens when you change jobs.

Ways to take your pensionSee – Ways to withdraw your pension You can use part or all of the pension fund to buy an annuity, taking up to 25% of the amount selected as tax-free money. If your pension contributions come directly from your salary, you will need to inform your payroll of any changes you wish to make. Your employer can also limit the number of times you can do this in a year. Legal & General and other organizations may also access this information and use it to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example, if: Depending on your system, you may be able to earn lump sums in cash, variable income per claim (known as flexible access levy), guaranteed income under a pension, or a combination of these options. The value of your pension fund can both go down and up and is not guaranteed. You should choose your funds carefully and review them regularly, especially if you are about to retire. Pensions have a reputation for being confusing, but they don`t have to be. Learn more about pension plans and how they can support you. Plan how long your money should last. You need to think about when you will start withdrawing money from your pension fund and how much you will need at different times.

Look for the best product and option that suits your needs. You don`t have to stick to your current retirement provider and you might benefit from looking around and comparing what`s available. You can access your pension fund money from the age of 55 or sometimes earlier if you are in poor health. Once you start drawing flexible income from your pension fund, your annual pocket money will be reduced to £4,000 per year (this is called the Annual Money Purchase Allowance (MPAA)) and you won`t be able to carry forward unused allowances. If you want to continue building your pension fund, this can affect when you start earning income. If you take your tax-free cash lump sum without any other income, it will not affect your annual grant. Your retirement: It`s time to choose In addition to Pension Wise`s free advice, the Financial Advisory Service has created a guide that covers your retirement options, how to look around you, and provide other useful sources of information. Sign up and access our system to receive updates on the status of your new commercial electronic protection applications.

Calculate how much you will have in retirement. Try to determine how much money you have available from your pensions and other sources and whether it will cover your costs. You can use our interactive pension planning tool to see how much your pension funds could be worth at the expected retirement age. Find out what you can do with your pension fund. There are a number of options. Take the time to think about which options are best for you: please use your old Legal & General Network ID to access them. You can even take £5,000, of which £1,250 is tax-exempt, and leave the remaining £5,000 invested until you`re ready to access more. Other options may suit your personal situation. Stay up to date on the stock prices of our pension fund that apply to legal and general pension plans, including WorkSave pension plans.

After this period, HMRC rules state that your money must remain invested in a pension plan until you apply for benefits. For the vast majority of people, this means you won`t be able to apply for benefits until age 55. The government has a free and unbiased counselling service called Pension Wise, which helps people aged 50 and over understand the options they have for their pension fund. Legal & General and other organizations may access and use information recorded by anti-fraud authorities in other countries.