Bbc Anything Legal

If the employment center turns out to be a dead end, they set up an agency that offers their services. They will do anything – as long as it`s legal. Their first ventures met with mixed results: a commission to write a poem put them in hot water; The son of a spoiled ambassador leads Charles to a joyful dance and George has a place where he pursues a bizarre giant. Worried they won`t have enough clients, the duo takes on a new secretary, takes a business course that moves languages, tries to improve their DIY skills, and embarks on hypnotherapy – but struggling with their business, they are forced to turn to Nanny. This entertaining sitcom, created by the famous radio and television author Wally K. Created daly, Donald Hewlett and Michael Knowles (It Ain`t Half Hot Mum) play Charles and George, with an experienced cast like Norma Ronald (The Men From The Ministry) and Dilys Laye (Carry On Camping). Note that many of Radio 4`s past comedy and drama productions have been repeated several times on Radio 4 as well as on the digital radio station BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly BBC Radio 7). If you are in Australia or New Zealand (DVD Region 4), note that almost all DVDs distributed in the UK by the BBC and 2entertain are encoded for Region 2 and Region 4. The UK and Australasia are located in the same Blu-ray (B) region. If you are in North America, look for the American/Canadian flag symbols in popular product listings for direct links.

Like Radio 4 am 30. Born in September 1967, he inherited many ongoing series of programmes that had already been initiated by his predecessor, the BBC Home Service (1939-1967), and in some cases even by broadcasters who had preceded the Home Service. These legacy programs are included in the list. This is a list of current and former programmes broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Don`t worry! Many items can still be ordered. Amazon in the UK delivers to many international territories, while its stores in Australia, the US and Canada also deliver many equivalent or imported items. If you`re ordering from a store in the UK, please note that the UK is in Regions 2 and B for DVDs and Blu-rays respectively – check your player`s compatibility or search for products with multiple regions if you`re in a different region. The years indicated in parentheses after the titles of the programmes refer, as far as is known, to the dates of the first, subsequent and last broadcasts of each programme – and in cases where Radio 4 broadcasts began their course on stations other than the Home Service, the names of those original stations are also displayed.