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While careers as lawyers or lawyers are popular options, there are a variety of other legal jobs on offer. To help you choose the right legal career, here is a breakdown of available jobs in the industry Get the support you need to get the best possible start in your legal career Law firms or in-house legal jobs: What`s the gap during your career? Specialized legal publishers (print and online) often employ lawyers looking for a change or looking for applications from candidates with a law degree. The publisher of targetjobs Law, for example, holds a law degree and LPC, and came to targetjobs as a sub-publisher, publisher, and then director of commissioning at a legal publisher. There are training programs and most positions are advertised individually when available. A legal education promotes good attention to detail, the ability to write concisely, and good research skills – all useful attributes in publishing. Check out the Guardian`s media page and take a look at specialist recruitment agencies. Large corporations and financial organizations offer a variety of management training programs. General management training may include staying in various departments, including human resources (HR), general management (e.g., at branch or department level), as well as sales and marketing. More specialized programs deal with financial management and computer science.

It is often possible to work towards professional qualifications, such as a chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification. Check out targetjobs` employer profiles to search for potential employers and submit applications. The Legists is an employment platform based on data mining of AI algorithms dedicated to advocacy. Legists have hundreds of current legal jobs in the UK. Legists help connect the best employers with the best legal talent. We have compiled a list of salaries for trainee lawyers in the UK`s largest and best law firms. Make your legal job search countable by using our Create Alert service, which sends daily job alerts to your inbox and WhatsApp. If you are looking for a new legal job and would like to be searched by the best law firms and agencies, upload your CV to our CV database. If you want to start your first legal job and need advice, read our guide on how to get a job without work experience. While the decision to study law is a long and difficult journey, it is rewarding when it comes to choosing a career and work environment. If you`re looking for high salaries, look for legal advisory positions with investment banks or financial services at a law firm.

However, beyond compensation, working as legal counsel is an effective way to change industries and infiltrate a new industry or business, as other opportunities beyond purely legal jobs will open up. A stepping stone to another career or vocation, being a lawyer, is a bow with many strings. The skills you gain through legal education are transferable to many different roles beyond the qualification of lawyer or lawyer. As a result, recruiters offer jobs for law graduates in a number of industries. Law clerks eliminate the noise that accompanies the job search with legal jobs to help lawyers, legal advisors, paralegals, legal assistants with the best job search experience. The Legists offers innovative solutions for search lawyers, such as an algorithmic platform with AI that stops irrelevant job results, automated anonymous recruitment that supports BAME recruitment, WhatsApp for job alerts and much more. And for the latest news on legal issues and legal jobs in the legal sector, visit our career advice page, which will give you an overview of the best way to get a legal job and how to write cover letters, resumes, the latest law firms and on the market. Discover a wide range of high-quality legal job postings available today. There is a huge diffusion of data, and with such demanding work, long hours and years of study, it is surprising to see a gap of up to 42% between leveraged financing and the work of private clients. If you`re looking for the highest-paying jobs, you`re more likely to work with companies than with individuals as customers, as margins are much more attractive. Proximity to the financial industry ensures higher wages, with specialisations such as leveraged finance and structured finance occupying all the top spots.

Donald McPherson, Managing Secretary of Alliance Trust PLC, told targetjobs Law: “I have found that a legal context provides a framework to address issues without passion and think about all the implications before acting.” We help candidates put their energy into rewarding legal jobs, and you can easily monitor available legal jobs and applications through our user-friendly platform. You can use our fine-tuned filters to narrow down your search by selecting your preferred field of activity, position/role, salary range, benefits, and location to find your next legal job. The Legists advertises with thousands of legal positions from all types of law firms and recruitment agencies. Keep in mind that many employers accept applications from graduates with each degree topic, so don`t limit your thinking to the jobs listed here. Georgina Davidson, an investment banker previously at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International, explained in an interview with targetjobs Law: “My law degree gave me transferable skills that I didn`t even know I had.