Weird Rules in Other Countries

We had no idea it was a thing, but apparently enough people in Wisconsin are stealing other people`s cats and dogs that they had to pass a law to stop it. But now we are curious – if a nap takes place, are there any ransom demands? Has anyone ever left a briefcase full of unmarked bills in an abandoned parking lot so they can pick up Mr. Whiskers? And for all dog lovers, there is really no need to steal your neighbor`s sheep – here we have made you this guide to prove it: How to buy the perfect dog. Explore these amazing but beautiful places in the world that are known not only for their areas of interest, but also for their laws, those laws that are not the normal laws but seem a little strange. For the best vacation package, you can visit EaseMyTrip. Any law that includes the phrase “Whiskers are illegal if the wearer tends to kiss other people habitually” is a legal document you probably don`t want to play with. Beards, on the other hand, don`t seem to be a problem. If you`re still not sure if you should wear a full beard, let these 10 goddesses decide for you. It`s not that France hates elephants or organizations that employ elephants. “Circuses are more than welcome,” a Granville official said in a public statement. The problem is their elephant stuffed animals. Listen, if you could get your elephant to walk in a public toilet like any other respectful bather, there would be no problem. Do you want to pack your life and travel around the world? It`s not a pleasure to take a trip around the world just to spend all your money on legal fees or jail.

Knowing the customs and rules of the place you are visiting will make your vacation more enjoyable, help you leave with positive memories and reduce the likelihood of unpleasant experiences. Let`s take a look at the 10 strange rules that exist around the world to ensure an enjoyable trip and new perspectives. Reaching 100 on the highway is an exciting feeling, but it`s best to keep one eye on the road and the other on the needle. If you run out of gas on the motorway, you expose yourself to fines – basically, you should have known better and planned ahead, just like any self-respecting German. Around the world, laws range from the strange and wonderful to downright strange. In this blog, I`ll count some of the strangest laws in the world. This law dates back to 1973, when Peru`s interior minister ruled that serving chili sauce and other spicy foods to prisoners would only “constantly awaken their sexual desires.” Who would have thought that eliminating sex crimes would be as simple as banning Sriracha? (Good thing the minister didn`t know the ultimate smoothie to boost your libido.) There are many strange laws in the world, but most of them don`t prescribe anything as harmless as baby names. It may seem a bit depressing that parents are only allowed by law to choose between 33,000 government-approved names for their newborns. But on the other hand, if that means living in a world where we never have to read about famous kids called Blue Ivy, Pilot Inspector or Apple, it may not be the worst idea.

To learn more about parenting, here are 11 prominent men who embraced fatherhood later in life. You shouldn`t just worry about the goal on your list. Local laws should also be an important consideration. This blog is exceptional because it will expose you to various strange laws from around the world! Many countries and other U.S. states don`t have spitting laws, but this Utah penal code is very detailed with substances you shouldn`t throw away like an angry zoo monkey. No saliva, blood, urine or “stool”. We`re glad someone in government finally stepped on the accelerator and said, “We`re tired of wiping your feces off your face!” And on the subject of travel, here are 20 life-changing trips for famous travelers. This law, created in 1910 long before we could imagine anything like Internet trolls, made illegal “orally or otherwise, falsely and maliciously or falsely and willfully implying a lack of chastity towards any woman, married or unmarried.” At the time, you could end up in jail for 90 days and have to pay $500 to the state; If this were rolled out across the country these days, internet trolls might finally think twice before harassing women online. For more tips on how to talk to women, here are 40 things men should never say to a woman in bed.

Drunk driving is not about laughing. But riding a drunken cow? Still dangerous, but undeniably strange (and funny). Unfortunately, it is also illegal thanks to the Licensing Act 1872 and could get you fined £200 and almost a year in jail. Fortunately, because it`s one of the strangest laws in the world, we suspect it never really needs to be enforced. And remember: having a criminal record is definitely not cool if you`re a man over 40. All strange laws must have their origin somewhere. So there was a guy who lived in Victoria, Australia, in the mid-`60s and was so annoyed by foreigners brazenly flying kites right in front of him, with no respect for his feelings, that he said, “There must be a law against this!” There is the Summary Offences Act of 1966, which prohibits the operation of a kite “to the inconvenience of any person.” Your reign of terror is over, dragon enthusiasts. One thing that has not escaped the attention of this nation is a series of its own strange and confusing laws. Some of these regulations may be common in other countries, while people in other countries think they are absolutely ridiculous. If you want to make a good impression on the locals, remember to act like a local yourself when you`re there. One way to avoid a prison sentence or a hefty fine is to learn the language spoken in the country. Exceptions included funeral visitors, hospital employees or those at the bedside of a sick family member.

For everyone else, there is no excuse for being dark, the alternative is a fine. This must be one of the strangest laws of all. Wherever you live, you`re guaranteed to find inexplicably strange laws around the world that you can`t imagine a police officer enforcing with a straight face. And I`m not just talking about France, where it`s illegal to fly UFOs – I`m talking about everywhere. In Chicago, for example, it`s illegal to nap on a dance floor, give whiskey to a dog, or eat in a burning building. And that`s just the beginning. You may have visited various international destinations for your vacation, but you may not know the strange and strange laws of these places. Below is the list of some strange laws around the world that are sure to shock you. Do you think you`re the strange legal expert? Find it safely with our quiz: Are These Strange Laws from Around the World True or False? Not just flip-flops, all shoes classified as “noisy shoes,” whether high heels or wooden shoes. If he squeaks, applauds, bursts or makes sounds reminiscent of the nails of a blackboard, the mayor wants it banned to “protect public safety.” Great relief if your biggest health problem is temporarily disturbed by a slight grinding in the distance. However, if you`re worried about other common health problems, try one of the 9 medical tests you should always ask your doctor to do to make sure you`re in great shape. If you`re not in the military, wearing camouflage clothing is pretty old-fashioned.

But there are those who love it. In this case, it is best to leave them in the wardrobe if you are traveling to some countries in Africa and the Caribbean. In these places, wearing camouflage fingerprints is a serious crime and can be considered a unitary forgery. To enforce the law, Turin police reportedly rely heavily on the help of whistleblowers who acknowledge the cruel treatment meted out by neighbours. Turin has the strictest animal welfare regulations in the country. They even forbid the fairgrounds to give goldfish in bags. The East Punjab Agricultural Pets, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act 1949 requires anyone over the age of 14 to sound the locust alarm with “a drumbeat proclamation”. If you fail, you could end up with a hefty fine or ten days in jail.