What Are the Requirements to Study Physiotherapy at Uct

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy program qualify for a master`s or doctoral program. The Department of Health Sciences offers extraordinary support to students who are experiencing difficulties (academic or emotional). From the 1st year “mentoring system” to the countless job review tutorials to the speakers giving you their personal mobile phone numbers for “just in case,” I felt like academia was doing everything it could to help everyone succeed. This 4-year degree is challenging – it involves a lot of learning and people expect you to do a lot in your spare time too. Because it`s about working with people, you want to be on the ball to be able to treat patients safely. Personally, I wouldn`t recommend doing a gap year, as I think there can be a tendency to forget “how to study” and physiotherapy is a pretty academic field. Plus, it`s a long degree, so the sooner you start learning, the sooner you can start winning. If you have a passion for the medical field and are looking for a job that is both physically demanding and rewarding, physiotherapy could definitely be a winning choice for you. Please see the Faculty of Health Sciences section of the University`s 2019 bachelor`s prospectus which lists the following bachelor`s degree programs: Mathematics plus Life Sciences OR Physical Sciences is a prerequisite for a Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree, although I highly recommend doing both! 1st year physiotherapy has chemistry and biomechanics (basically physics), so you`ll have a lot of trouble with the health sciences if you haven`t taken the science. That`s why it`s important that you determine the entry requirements for your degree when choosing (if not before) your high school subjects. My application process began at the end of grade 11 and continued throughout Matric.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I wanted to achieve that goal as quickly as possible. I always dreamed of going to UCT, although I also applied to Stellenbosch University (the main reason I didn`t want to go is because the medical campus is in Tygerberg and not on the main campus in Stellenbosch). The field of physiotherapy is broad and includes six different areas, namely: From the second year of study, students must wear a standard uniform for clinical practice. All students must wear shorts and t-shirts for practical classes. Students must also register as student members of the Health Professions Council and the South African Society of Physiotherapy before embarking on the clinical component of their training. “Coming back as a `mature` student was difficult – there was an age difference in most of my classes, which made it difficult to get started, but after a few months, I think all the difficulties I felt were just a memory. I was surprised at how quickly I settled into everyday student life. It`s easy when you`re taking a course that interests you, and I think that`s the big thing – you have to be interested in what you`re doing in college….. I am thrilled to have made the decision to return to physiotherapy at UL. I feel like I`ve gained the practical skills, life skills and motivation to build a fulfilling career.

It was hard work, but there were enough enjoyable experiences along the way to make it feel easy, and I have to say I really enjoyed my time here. I made lifelong friends and memories during my time at UL, and trust me, you`ll wonder when you`re done (with some regret, no doubt!) how the years went by so quickly! – A. Kehoe Adult Student Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place at university. The university has a number of places for first-year students accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training. The final selection is subject to availability of places, academic results and, where applicable, other admission requirements. After graduation, physiotherapists must complete one year of community service. Many people dread this because it sometimes forces them to move away from home for a year, but I haven`t heard of a single person who has NOT enjoyed this year. It`s an adventure and you`ll probably learn as much (if not more) during this year than during your entire physical study. Plus, remember, it gives you a guaranteed year of work, straight from college (not too poorly paid either!), which shouldn`t be taken for granted. After your community service, you will likely have a better idea of the type of physiotherapist you want to pursue, e.g.

hospital physiotherapy, pediatrics, ambulatory physiotherapy, sports physiotherapist and the list of options goes on! The assessment, assessment and management of disabilities are the focus of this year`s programme. Physiotherapy modules therefore predominate, as the student is introduced to the management of musculoskeletal and neurological respiratory problems. The student begins his/her studies of research and evidence-based practice in the Health Care Survey module. In addition, students are introduced to sociological perspectives of health and disease and health promotion to reflect and prepare them for contemporary practice. I fell in love with the UL campus at the age of eight when I saw the Irish rugby team training at UL Sport Arena. Limerick is so accessible, and even more so now with an excellent connection along the west coast. UL is known as “Ireland`s sports campus”, and as a howler, I thought it would be the perfect place to study. Note: The F6 grade in Basic Mathematics also meets the minimum admission requirements.

Foundation Maths is not eligible for scoring purposes. The Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy is a four-year program of study that includes a total of 31 weeks of clinical practice over the last two years of the program. The first year provides a foundation in anatomy and physiology, communication and behavior, as well as an introduction to the practice of physiotherapy. In the remaining three years, you will conduct studies in the various disciplines of physiotherapy, including cardiorespiratory care, clinical neurology and musculoskeletal disorders for people throughout life. Research and evidence-based practice are central elements of the program. In addition to college, I tutored in high school as a student, which was a great income, but quite stressful at times. I had to fit everything into a 24-hour day and not be a zombie in the movement science conference the next morning. The good thing is that school and university exam hours coincide, so you can give your student more tuition when you`re on study leave (assuming you don`t need all the time to study alone).