What Can You Do with Bcom Law Degree

A law degree prepares you for many exciting careers in the legal profession, industry and commerce, or in government and the diplomatic corps. Other areas are: The law degree of B.Com. is 3 years. The modules have a good mix of business and legal topics, which are fairly well spread over the 3-year period. Particular attention was paid to the balance between law and trade. You can also study the Bachelor of Commerce with a part-time law degree through Wits Plus, the university`s part-time study centre. Click here to learn more. At Wits, part-time students receive the same qualification as full-time students. Varsity College is an educational brand of the Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). South Africa`s most accredited private higher education provider, registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).

The Bachelor of Laws prepares students to be employed as legal advisors, managers, entrepreneurs and contributors to society and the legal sector. One could alternatively pursue a postgraduate Bachelor of Laws and become a lawyer or pursue a career in commerce. Three years. Two career paths. One degree. If you can`t decide on a career in law or business, keep both options open with our Bachelor of Laws. Perfect for aspiring managers, entrepreneurs or those who want to work in the legal sector. The first bachelor`s degrees of this faculty aim to develop students` intellectual abilities through scientific teaching and learning, so that they are perfectly prepared for various careers in the broad field of business and management. These careers can be found in the private sector, in specific professions, in the public sector and in secondary and higher education. One of the benefits of studying a Bachelor of Laws degree is that its dual purpose provides a solid foundation that opens the door to countless opportunities and allows you to enter a variety of careers in law or business, as well as in the public or private sector. If you want to practice as a bar, you will need at least an LLB degree.

While it is possible to start an LLB in the first year, you will be encouraged to complete a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce first, preferably with law as one of your majors. This will give you an idea of general legal topics before you decide to study law. It also develops your knowledge and skills in other disciplines that will be useful to you when practicing law. I have 12. Science done with 93%. I am interested in the Commerce site. I want to ask if I should choose CA right after the 12th or finish my Bachelor of Commerce first and then pursue CA? What you can do with a Bcom law degree in South Africa: As it is a more flexible degree than an LLB, you can still choose to practice law after continuing your studies and obtaining your Bachelor of Laws. Careers for those with this degree include positions in corporate law in general, for example, responsible for corporate governance within a company; Act as a compliance officer or secretary of the company; become a business strategy planner; Or even find yourself in the unenviable position of starting and running your own business. The world is truly your oyster with this degree.

You can then complete your LLB degree over two years, with credits accrued during the bachelor`s degree for your LLB. The Bachelor of Commerce with Law (B.Com.) is a 3-year full-time degree. Planning for your future is a very exciting part of life after enrollment and if you want to work in law, you`ve come to the right place to learn more about that career choice. There are many paths to follow if you want to pursue a career in law or with ties to law. At IIE Varsity College, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Laws, or Law degree. You may have to choose between a BA law or an LLB, but if your interests are in line with the legal aspects of business, then a Bcom law might be the degree for you. If I gave you $1,000,000, what would you do with it? The annual salary survey published in BusinessTech in 2020 found that the most sought-after jobs in the South African legal sector are those specialising in mergers and acquisitions, as well as legal advice – proof that the skills you acquire in a Bachelor of Laws are currently in high demand. BCom Law Salary in South Africa – Average Salary (talent.com) The faculty offers a number of initial bachelor`s degrees in all three educational programmes. Each of these programs allows students to specialize in specific areas, which are shown in parentheses after the reference to the degree.

The faculty continuously supports students in the success of their studies by participating in international exchange programs, appointing excellent lecturers and working closely between private and public companies. Fulbright scholarships were awarded to two collaborators, Professors Philippe Burger and Frikkie Booysen. In addition to these accomplishments, the faculty has seven NRF-rated staff members. All of this contributes to the high-quality learning and teaching experience you can expect from us. It will be a privilege to be part of your academic career at Kovsies! B.Com. law offers flexibility in subjects and is therefore an excellent core degree that allows you to pursue a variety of careers, whether in law, business or government. If you decide to qualify once, your subjects will credit you with an LLB for which you would be eligible within two years. There are also a number of degrees and postgraduate degrees that are open to you once you have your bachelor`s degree. If you want to work in corporate law, whether for a law firm or in the legal department of large organizations, you should do a Bachelor of Commerce (Law) with a second major in Finance. Management, accounting, taxes or other B.Com major.