Where Is It Legal to Use Metal Detectors

State laws The detection, collection, or extraction of metals on 34 state properties requires a permit, and 16 states do not allow recreational metal detection on state property. The 34 states that allow metal detection on state property have additional restrictions within the boundaries of the state park. Always check with the parking attendant and get a permit. Other features of the state may include wildlife management areas, state highways, navigable rivers, and, for oceanfront states, areas up to three miles offshore. There are literally thousands of places where you can make metal detectors. If people have ever been there, there is a likely chance of finding a treasure they have dropped or buried! Even if no one has ever been there, there is a chance to find gold, silver, copper and other precious metals with your metal detector! I was there, metal detection is allowed in Madagascar. Explore the location of the country during the fair. Look for jewelry supports, often jewelry is dropped during assembly and/or disassembly. Customers will also drop their own jewelry when trying out or purchasing new jewelry from the seller. Also look for food stalls and locker rooms where participants enter and exit in costumes. James City County: Chapter 16 – Public Parks and Recreation* Sections 16 to 22.

No person may use an electronic metal detector in a recreational facility. (Order No. 154, 5-7-84) Source I would like to know if metal detection is allowed for Indian nationals in India without restrictions or is allowed with permission (or special permission or license). If so, from which authority can it be obtained? Please enlighten me, because I would like to take this wonderful hobby seriously. Whether it is a detector or a grip of the surface. There is/not yet/specific law on the possession or use of MDs. We have stores that sell and maintain detectors, it`s completely legal. Their use is not prohibited either, but you are asking for trouble:) Like public parks, old school grounds are good places to make newer, older finds, if you`re lucky enough to spot one with soil that hasn`t been pushed and landscaped. The best time to detect a school is on weekends when students are away, or even better, in the summer when school is over. Although you should be able to use metal detectors in Portugal with a permit, it is almost impossible to get one. Many people have tried, but none have been able to do so.

Curbside grass, grass between the street and sidewalk, is usually owned by the city and does not require permission for metal detection, but not always. In my city, I can legally recognize sidewalk strips, but in another city on the street, I can`t. Florida`s state parks are beautiful and include extensive beaches, forests, and natural areas — and the use of metal detectors is allowed, at least in some designated areas. North Carolina`s official recreation areas on the beach do not allow the use of metal detectors in June, July, and August. The rest of the year, metal detectors are allowed, but are regulated by several state laws. Beaches that are not official recreation areas or state parks allow the use of metal detectors. Hello, I want to take a new metal detector (on the box) from England to Greece by car, I will start the journey from England to France, to Belgium to Luxembourg to France to Switcherland to Italy and finally to Greece. I`m not going to use it in any of these countries, but I`m going to have it in my car, so if the police stop me and find it, what will happen? Will they remove it? I`m going to get in trouble? Thanks in advance Chris In general, most neighborhood parks don`t require permission to recognize them, but some cities don`t allow it, or it may require a permit, which you can easily get at your local parks and recreation office for a few bucks.

Protected lands owned and managed by the state and federal government are generally prohibited, and you can face significant fines if you dig holes there. In the United States, no metals can be detected in state or national parks. If you do, law enforcement will arrest you and confiscate your finds. Private property has always produced my best metal detection finds. Most of the rare pieces I`ve found come from the courtyards of older houses from the 1800s. If you know someone who owns an older property, I would definitely recognize them before going to a public place. If I need papers from the state (Denmark) where I can buy them in Algeria, any metal detection is prohibited. Possession of metal detectors is considered to be possession of weapons. If someone tries to get a metal detector through customs, it will be confiscated. Prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.

Groups of uncontrolled metal detectives rage in the English countryside, farmers are hired by quickly wealthy individuals to rent fields there every day for a fee of over a thousand pounds a day, entrance fees are then charged to visiting metal detective enthusiasts who leave the field with their finds in their pockets. Some of these groups are sponsored by metal detector stores and outlets. Part of the land is used responsibly by individuals from small groups and clubs, with discoveries recorded, the hobby in the UK is being investigated with a view to enforcing restrictions due to the irresponsible actions of others. Don`t get caught red-handed. Nighthawkers could give us all a bad name, so let`s look at some things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your metal detector and finds and leave the site without fines or handcuffs. Hello I go to Leyte Philippines when the beaches are open legal Thank you Well, in Spain you can not detect metal in archaeological or mineral sites, but you can get a permit from the authorities for it. In the south of Spain, in the province of Seville, you can only recognize with a permit, and to get this authorization you may have to wait years. I know people who have waited 2 years for permission.

And I don`t know exactly, but I think the license only allows you to spot the metal on the beach. In Spain you find an object that could be more than 200 years old, you must inform the authorities. And if you find things like rings or phones or just about any item that is not money, you have to give it to the police and after 2 years, if the owner does not show up, you can buy the found item and sell it or keep it or whatever you want. In most cases, you don`t need to get permission to recognize a public school, but historic schools are another story. Many of these historic school buildings are federally or society-protected points of interest or located on private property. It`s pure rubbish, you must be an old-fashioned archaeologist, I discovered metal for 43 years, I always recorded all my recordable finds. I was on the club`s digs and I recorded my finds and at the gatherings, the FLO were present to record the finds. Very few people cross the country without permission Hi, how do I get the license for metal detectors in the UK? Can you please send me more details City of Gloucester: Chapter 13- Article II. Articles 13.5 to 23. Use of electronic metal detectors. No person shall use an electronic metal detector in a public park or recreational facility unless the property is displayed with that permission or permission is granted in writing by the Superintendent. The County retains ownership of all of the following items discovered or located on this property: human or animal remains over 100 years old; items valued at more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00); and artifacts over 50 years old, unless ownership is assigned in writing by the Director.

Source revised June 1, 2010 – Meeting of the Saudi Council of Supervisors. All things, inside and outside the ground, are the property of the Emir. If anyone disagrees, they will be executed. Metal detectors are completely prohibited.